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Tuesday, Jun. 03, 2008 - 9:28 a.m.

Trust that the moment I leave town, it finally stops raining and becomes summer-like warm. With the result that without me to care for them, a bunch of my plants die. I was only gone 5 days! Give me a break!

Am now overfed and irritable as I usually am upon return from the in-laws. Bless their hearts.

Stopped in Evansville for dinner, where we attempted to eat outside (irresistable with its fabulous view of the casino and some sort of rock factory). But this asshole in a radio station truck with flashing lights on top parked his damn truck by the curb directly in front of the dining area, then went inside to play video games. The manager asked him to please move the damn truck, the customers were complaining. After a ridiculously long time, asshole finally comes out, drives the truck around the parking lot, and then parks it again, exactly two spaces back from where he had been parked previously. Then gets back out, leaves the lights still flashing, and goes back into the damn arcade.

It was cause of much favorable comment amongst us patrons. We brainstormed a bit about what we should do for the guy as a token of our regard, but J came up with the best possible solution. When left, we left a note under his windshield wiper that said, "Enjoy the little present we left you, asshole."

It was very satisfying. Oh yes, very.

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