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Language Log

Friday, Jul. 04, 2008 - 9:10 p.m.

Happy 4th o' July to all. J is still off in the northeast doing his rounds of visiting; I'm holding down the fort here at home. My 4th of July celebrations consist primarily of eating cocktail weenies in bbq sauce reheated in the crockpot. Also peach and raspberry crisp. The crisp is what I had for dinner; the cocktail weenies are sort of a post-dinner snack. I was going to have a drink, but find that I don't really feel like it, so eh.

I wrote a poem the other night. I don't really intend to resume poem-writing, as a habit. I don't really see how one can justify it. So I'm a bit ashamed. Nonetheless, I quite like what I came up with. I did it because I had a piece of paper all dyed and laid out for a 6-line poem, and couldn't find one that fit the aesthetic of the design. So I wrote one myself. I guess that would be a new approach-- write poems to fit the paper, rather than decorate the paper to fit the poem. It's hard to see that there's anything intrinsically wrong with that as a strategy, unusual or not. A bit demanding, but that's not necessarily bad.

Then my ink bled a bit. But it's ok-- not like I was going to try to sell it. Sell my calligraphic renditions of my own poetry. The height of vanity.

I'm so happy about the freed FARC prisoners. A little happy news goes a long way these days.

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