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Language Log

Tuesday, Jul. 22, 2008 - 7:42 a.m.

Last week I said I was going to call the galleries this week. Yesterday I completely forgot. Later this morning I will call one. It will probably take me a week to recover, regardless of whether I am successful or not.

The language project is a good idea. I get to go to the library and browse through grammars. I haven't really done that since I was an undergrad. I've browsed, of course, but not grammars. It's kind of a lot of work, and I have no idea how people will respond, but it makes me happy. If nothing else, I will end up with the world's most linguistically comprehensive collection of jewelry.

Made some jam yesterday-- peach infused with lemon thyme and orange spice thyme and lemon verbena and lemon zest. I'm making bread now just so I can eat some.

Last night I was browsing for Hausa proverbs, and found this forum site the aim of which was Afrikanization of black Americans-- politics aside, they used words like "dewhitenization" and "Blacktacular". An incongruous level of absurdity given the earnest tone of the rest of the forum, but hey. I approve. Not that they'd want me to.

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