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Language Log

Thursday, Jul. 24, 2008 - 8:10 a.m.

Was good on Tuesday and made not one but two phone calls to galleries. One was the one I had contacted over a year ago, who had made positive noises at the time but then proceeded to ignore my gentle and infrequent followups. The relevant person was off on Tuesday, and it's only Thursday, but i'm already on pins and needles about it. Will she remember that she defacto rejected me before, and proceed to ignore me further, even though my work has grown by leaps and bounds since then? Or will she look, having forgotten me, but ignore me again anyway? How long should I wait to follow up? Till tomorrow, or next week? (I'm inclined to next week-- temporally near, but not the least bit pushy I don't think).

The other one was this gallery owned by a potter in a small town. She sounded positively startled that anyone would be calling her, which is possibly not a good sign. But she's in charge of the new art show there in September, so maybe she was startled that anyone wanted to talk to her about anything other than the art show. She basically agreed to take my work based on my verbal description alone. This one was almost too easy-- now I wonder how much traffic she really gets through there. But anyway, worth a try. I shouldn't discount people just because they're nice to me.

This weekend, we're scoping out Paducah. Paducah, here we come.

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