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Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2008 - 5:57 p.m.

I'm feeling grumpy. One of the shops where I have my stuff on consignment wants more-- trouble is, they already have quite a bit, and it isn't doing too well. I have all these shows coming up, and now she wants roughly twice as much again plus some expensive necklaces. I mostly trust them, it's not that. And I know that in theory, more stuff= more sales, and having items at different points around the shop is probably a good move. It's just that I haven't actually been there yet to see what the place looks like, and I have an appointment with someone who buys outright on Friday, and shows at the end of the month and the wholesale crafts website soon hopefully. And I'm feeling lazy about packaging everything up for the uncertain harvest. I just dont' feel like sending off my good stuff now. OF course, if I don't feel like sending off my good stuff in the fall, when exactly will I?


Tried doing 2d piece on a small gallery-wrapped canvas. I like it, it looks pretty cool. The nagging question: will 2d sell? Does my look lose something when it's no longer got the 'wow, jewelry from paper!' factor going for it? Will I just be distracting myself from what I ought to be doing (so far today, the answer is 'yes'-- no jewelry made yet today, though a modest amount of resining and varnishment has taken place).

I think I need to go dye some paper. That always cheers me up (unless the dye doesn't take, like yesterday. That just frustrated me. Hahnemuhle does not like turquoise, apparently.)

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