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Language Log

Saturday, Sept. 13, 2008 - 8:21 p.m.

I didn't get rained on after all. It turned into a beautiful day, sunny and increasingly windy, but it didn't get really windy until after we had packed up. Did pretty well-- a happy balance of well enough not to feel sour, but not so well that I'm in a panick about replacing all the inventory before my next show. Perfect!

Plus a couple of good things happened. A new gallery is opening and they like my stuff. "It's the first jewelry we've seen that we've been excited about" (bet she says that to all the artisans); the former buyer for the art museum store suggested that I give the current buyer a call because my work suits them really well. Long-time art show artists who are in all of the shows I'd like to be in had lots of compliments on my work and display, and said I had a lot that should jury in well. A woman who had previously bought a pair of earrings said someone came up to her recently and asked if they were [Linguafranca] earrings. Another woman came by, looked at my things, and said "What fun! What a fun life!", which is exactly what you want people to think when you're trying to sell them art. Image: check. Branding: check.

I'm listing these here for reference in mid-February, which is always bleak and hard on me. Well, I guess I've only experienced the one as a full time artist, but damn was it bleak.

So this feeling I've just been having regularly lately, of being very good at what I do and having people acknowledge and appreciate that-- it's a very good feeling that I have never had before. I'm glad I get a chance to experience it. Quite gratifying.

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