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Tuesday, Nov. 04, 2008 - 1:52 p.m.

J and I showed up for duty at the local Obama headquarters this morning, offering to give rides or whatever. We gave one person a ride, then sat around doing close to nothing for several hours. There was some brief, intermittent data entry. J went to teach and I finally decided to come home, but I'm on call, poised to make myself useful should it actually become necessary. No lines at the polls here today, though by all reports there's been a steady trickle of voters.

One volunteer was a 15 year old who seemed to be basically running the thing. There were adults around, but I think the kid knew as much as any of them. I'm not amazed that a 15 year old has capacity for such responsibility --not at all-- but I am amazed that one would step up to it. I still don't do that, after all.

Also, Douglas Hofstadter was in and out, participating in canvassing. It's still stupidly like a celebrity sighting for me to see him-- Douglas Hofstadter at the pizza place, Douglas Hofstadter eating Chinese, Douglas Hofstadter canvassing for Obama. I am such a dork. One of these days the novelty will wear off, but it hasn't yet.

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