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Friday, Nov. 07, 2008 - 6:57 p.m.

I buy these bags of peeled garlic at the co-op, and never ever manage to use all the garlic before it goes bad. Yesterday, inspired by the gardenweb harvest forum, I sliced up about a quarter of the bag and dried it. J was skeptical, and pointed out that if dried garic in big chunks were useful for something, why did we never see it available for sale at the store? And we never use powdered garlic. I pressed on regardless, throwing caution to the wind.

Turns out it's frickin great. Well, at least it is in what I used it in-- threw some into some bread I made today. Tastes like roasted garlic, embedded in bread. For that alone, the effort was worth it. My hypothesis about the 'why no dried garlic for sale, then?' question is that processing it in big chunks is too time consuming to be profitable-- minced is easy, powdered is easy, slicing into evenly-sized pieces for drying is too fussy to do in large scale.

Now I'm drying some hot peppers, and am going to do onions tomorrow. I never use dried onion either, but the whole put-in-bread thing has opened my eyes to a world of tasty possibilities.

Also am roasting one of my hubbards-- delicious as usual-- saving the seeds to plant next year, given my successful pumpkin growing experiment this summer. Also saving the seeds of the hot peppers (they're a long red kind, like banana peppers but red and hot. Portugese something). Never have tried growing peppers from seed before, but what the hell.

I also dyed some paper, applied resin to things, and managed to bring in the trash can. Aren't I productive?

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