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Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2008 - 7:19 a.m.

On my other blog I wrote one day about grits, and my search for proper (non-instant) grits. I used the name brand of the grits I used to buy but can't find anymore. Now I get more darn google hits for these grits. Maybe I should sell grits instead of jewelry. What's odd is that when I google on the name of the grits, it is possible to find a link to the company that sells them, on the first page of hits. So I don't understand why they're coming to me, but whatever. I'm blogging about this here rather than there so that I won't have even more people coming to my blog to read about grits. It is not a grits blog.

Maybe it could be. Maybe I should add grits recipes. Except I only have two-- with cheese, or without cheese. And I could take a moment to reject fancy gourmet grits recipes-- every time I try to add fancy things to grits like cream or garlic, I'm disappointed in the result. I could do maybe one post on the history of grits, and one on the future of grits. "Whither grits?" But all this would be worth five blog posts, tops. So perhaps not.

It's pledge drive, and I seem to time my mornings such that I'm busy and distracted while the actual news is on, and then tune back in just in time for the begging. I have already pledged, so there's nothing more I can do.

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