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Language Log

Thursday, Feb. 12, 2009 - 8:12 a.m.

These days the big treat on this ling-related mailing list I'm on is the shenanigans of this one guy, not at all well trained in linguistics and rather stubbornly anti-so, who keeps sending out these silly messages complaining about language changes that he can't even describe using standard terminology, and promoting his pet alternative spelling system. He's virtually oblivious to the criticisms of the actual linguists on the list, who he is clearly driving crazy (he does respond every now and again long enough to accuse them of ad hominem arguments when they say things like, "this idiot refuses to learn any actual linguistics; ignore him!". But he does not respond to things like, "show us data.").

It's a hoot. And kinda sad, since I assume the real linguists will get sick of this shit and gradually abandon the list. They keep responding mainly out of the professional fear that if this guy isn't corrected, the newbies will take him to be credible.

Joss Whedon on Fresh Air today! I'm so excited.

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