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Saturday, Apr. 04, 2009 - 8:19 a.m.

I added my jewelry blog address to my profile info on the wholesale site; ideally I would have my own website. I was trying to be honest and am staying on topic there so as to make a good impression on retailers. But the few that have clicked through have spent 0 time there. Is that good or bad?

My new pieces are the most delicate possible. Delicate-looking, that is. I'm trying to make them also as sturdy as possible. I'm worried about them. I actually think they're stronger than my older pieces, but I always worry. Also, they're open-back. I really don't know if people will find that interesting or bad. Or both. I guess it depends on whether I use it to my advantage or if it's just an ugly, half-finished back. It will not be the latter.

But people, I never know what they're going to think.

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