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Wednesday, Apr. 08, 2009 - 8:32 a.m.

Getting nervous now. I have a lot of work to do still to prep my booth for the year, and lots of things to make still. I'm worried, worried.

Worried that no one will like my new designs. I put a lot of time and energy and materials into making enough to have a good selection, what if no one buys them? It's the same problem on the wholesale site right now-- I've added a couple of pieces from the collection, the torn earrings. No views yet. But I have to add more anyway-- no one could put together a nice retail display from what I have there now. Maybe I should do one photo showing several pairs instead of one listing for each-- then they could see the range and it would take less time for me. But I've already started one pair at a time. Dunno.

Are they too expensive? Dunno. And the one pair, torn paper in reddish brown with gold-- it kinda looked like aturd. Will they think it looks like a turd?

I should do a color chart, make it available as a PDF upload.

And I haven't ordered the credit card processing thingie. If the busy show goes well, I'll need it. Supposedly it records all the credit card info, then when I get home, I plug it into the computer, go to the processing site, and put in the amount and that's that. But I'm worried that it won't work and I'll discover this when I get home, having lost all those sales. Or that I'll have to record so much info to ensure against this occurance that people will worry that I'm fishy. Back before I had my manual swiper, some people thought it was fishy that I was just writing things down. Even though all a manual swiper is just a preprinted form + carbon paper, a shortcut to writing it all down. But my manual swiper is so slow. Could I speed it up? Just put the total price instead of breaking it down? Still, slow.

And I have many pieces to make still for the batik collection to be presentable. Also not enough mid-range necklaces. Also I have to add more earrings to the wholesale site. The ad is coming out in a week or so; if my selection isn't good, I squander the ad.

Oh, also I haven't heard back from the show that would be my first show. Last year I won an award there, so I can't imagine that they wouldn't take me this time, but still, I haven't heard. And that show date is the same as the first farmer's market show, which I could do if I don't get into the first show. Except J won't be able to help me set up that weekend, so I probably couldn't do the farmer's market show anyway. Not enough time to set up by myself. But it seems like a shame to miss a show, so I'm still running in circles about this in my head, trying to figure out a way to do it if I need to, if I don't get into the first show. So I wish they'd send me the acceptance letter already so I could stop fretting about this one issue.

Just a little freak out here, nothing to see. Move along, now....

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