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Language Log

Friday, May. 15, 2009 - 6:58 a.m.

Last night the neighbors had a fight. When they do that, it's for the long haul. I don't understand when they sleep. They yell at all hours. Anyway, what happened was that the wife had made three hamburgers on the grill-- I smelled them, they smelled wonderful-- then next thing you know, she was asking what had happened to them. Apparently the burgers had gone awol. I'm not sure what the husband said (I think he was drunk), but it pissed her off. I think he tried to deny responsibility/claim ignorance-- while at the same time, it was clear that no one else was hungry except the wife. Apparently someone ate her damn supper after she had cooked for everyone. I don't blame her for being pissed. It's a clear insult-to-injury situation. Among healthy people, if a mistake had been made (and that's the only way it could happen, by mistake), the offender would apologize sincerely, and offer to prepare something else for the dinnerless person. For these folks, it led to a marathon fight. I had to close the window so I could sleep, they wouldn't shut up. I feel so sorry for that kid. Not only does he hear his parents fighting all night (and during the school year, who knows how he gets enough sleep to function), but that's the kind of behavior he has modeled for him-- eat your wife's dinner and don't give a shit.

Gotta go set up today for the big show. Lots to do yet. The forecast remains mysterious, of dubious value.

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