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Language Log

Thursday, May. 21, 2009 - 6:58 a.m.

Thanks for the well-wishes! It's true, I do spend a lot of time growing things. I hadn't thought about it that way. Well, we'll see. I guess it's not going to seem real to me until there's an ultrasound showing an actual living being ensconced in my abdomen. *sigh* Just when mojito season has arrived, too. Ah, well.

An excursion into lettering on unusual substances yesterday-- a plank from the deck stairs that came loose, on which I lettered the first stanza of ee cummings' "in time of daffodils(who know)". Sealed it with Thompsons' water seal, then lettered in my homebrew inks (not easy, given that it was now water sealed. Oops.), then a coating of clear acrylic. Turned out ok-- a little chunky looking, a little folksy, but not too bad. Experiment #2: soda can, cut up and laid flat. Sand the inside, letter on that in the handmade ink (I tried acrylic first, but of course it ran when I tried to coat it with the sealer). Turned out very well-- not so folksy as the board because I could use my regular pen-- I made a plant marker and a random little sign with a copper hanger. I think it could be a way to make outside-usable calligraphy. Plus the whole recycling thing. Of course, now's the season when J drinks iced tea instead of soda, so I don't actually have any more cans to play with. I may have to go scavenging.

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