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Wednesday, Jun. 03, 2009 - 7:00 a.m.

Ah, yes, thanks for the shout-out, dear reader who out-shouted. I hear you about the 'where to buy?' thing. I've been feeling grumbly about it lately too...I put this thing up on my wholesale site a while back saying I only online retail my multilingual stuff, so I'd feel like a jerk doing a switcheroo-- but I don't think I've actually gotten any orders since I did that anyway. But it's true, I can't just direct people to a gallery for the one-of-a-kind stuff. That's just not gonna work. Friends of my mother-in-law have been inquiring, too. All the excited people at shows who take my card, I will also optimistically assume. But if I started adding all sorts of things to the storefront widget, I'd have to make sure they're marked up more than they were in the old store, because the galleries definitely would check (and they don't like feeling undercut, no they don't). And what would my local customers say? "Um, these were $20 at the show, $25 online? wtf?" I dunno, I dunno. I'm told that if people will pay $20, they'll pay $25, but I don't know that I believe it. Or from $25 to $31 for the mosaic ones! No way would that fly. (Now I can hear the ghosts of imaginary wholesale customers muttering, well, if you can't get $31 for it, how do you expect us to?) But I should change now it if I'm gonna-- the wholesale ad comes out soon, people will be looking and noting my policy, it may be too late to change then.

Me, I am a rapidly rotating waffle.

At least it's summer, and the dyes are finally taking well again. Well, they were the other day when it was 90. Today, high of 70 maybe, so I'll have to wait a bit longer to do another batch. I want turquoise, proper turquoise that does not fade to an utterly unmarketable baby blue. I've learned that no one likes baby blue.

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