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Language Log

Sunday, Jun. 07, 2009 - 7:20 a.m.

Got through the show ok. Didn't exactly do gangbusters-- it was a bit excruciating at times. This one was a fiberarts festival; lots of crafty people mainly there to buy yarn or roving. Far from the worst show ever, but I'll have to think about what I want to do next year. It conflicts with another big show that I forgot to apply for this year. But if I wait and apply to that and wait for the results before paying for this one, my space may be long gone. Hmmm. I'm spoiled; a couple of 1k+ shows really put things in perspective.

The llama club biscuits and gravy were surprisingly delicious. And I do like being at a show where the 4H llama club is there. You don't get that at your usual art festival.

Met another refugee from this linguistics dept. who has gone into the arts. She dyes yarn. It was fun to gossip a bit.

A few weeks ago I bought resin; now I've had opportunity to open it up and start using it, the hardener is oddly discolored and it hasn't been setting up properly, even though I very seldom have this problem (which on the face of it would be the result of an incorrect measurement-- I certainly don't make that mistake in a serial fashion, but twice now it's done this). I didn't know resin could expire, but I'm guessing that's what's happened. This is annoying; I have pieces I need to finish for next week. Next week is the first farmer's market show. I'm looking forward to it, but am more than a little bit annoyed at the organizer this year. I was accepted; I paid my fees, with one date cancelled due to a conflict. But I still haven't received my booth space assignments, and now I see that I am not on the list of exhibitors posted on the website. WTF? They had had a meeting with all the artists, but it was scheduled for when I was in Scotland, and I had emailed her immediately upon receiving notice of the mtg that I wouldn't be able to attend because I was, you know, going to be in Scotland. You wouldn't think this would warrant a cold shoulder. She's probably just incompetent. Either way, I'm annoyed.

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