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Language Log

Thursday, Jun. 11, 2009 - 7:32 a.m.

The loudmouth neighbor guy is calling to the visiting cat ("here kitty kitty kitty" style), who is hanging out on the deck (as usual). My first thought was, dude, stop calling my cat. But of course she's not my cat. And the guy does like cats (even if his own are all terrified of people because of his loud ass), it may be the best thing about him as far as I can tell. But it seems weird to call to a cat that's on someone else's deck.

Nothing going on. It keeps raining; I continue to make things at a leisurely pace for the show this weekend, also procrastinating on some things. J's been organizing a conference that's this weekend; his friend is flying in from Utah for it and I need to clean the studio/turn it back into a guest room today. Philosophers, philosophers everywhere.

I continue to obsess over food.

Oh, I got the considered opinions of some of the artists on the wholesale site, put to them the question of whether I should continue to direct customers to the galleries instead of just selling to them, even if they don't have agallery anywhere near them and even though it's impractical given the one-of-a-kind nature of my pieces. They all said "naahh, go ahead and sell it direct, just do an appropriate markup." So I may begin to add new items to my blog widget again. I wish I was using wordpress instead of blogspot, they have a very functional widget for this sort of thing. Oh, well.

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