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Language Log

Saturday, Jun. 13, 2009 - 7:26 p.m.

Show today went ok. Not fantastic, but ok for a half day show. It didn't rain, and there was no wind-- just sunny and pleasant. I didn't get to shop the farmer's market, because J was a-conferencing, not able to spell me as usual while I fritter away our wealth on vegetables. I just sat there and watched everyone walk by with their zucchini and black raspberries and swiss chard.

My spot this year is a) the same spot I will have all summer, not rotating around like last year, b) under a tree, nice and shady and c) across the sidewalk from this cool limestone fountain thing that has a sort of cement-lined streamlet that curves all around it before feeding back into the fountain. Kids and dogs play in it. It's sort of on a little raised area. This one guy let his ugly stupid little dog (what kind was it? mini doberman I think?) take a crap right on the slope near the fountain, and then he left it there. I saw him, he just walked away. I never did hear anybody yell "Eew! Dog shit!", but there were all these little kids playing in the area subsequently, so I'm sure it turned into a lovely surprise for someone.

There was a strange rash of small boys dressed inadvertently like their fathers. I think it was inadvertent. It wasn't identical enough to be intentional, plus the guys in question didn't look like the sorts of people who would do it on purpose-- just a funny coincidence. So there was hippy dad in cargo shorts, moss green Tshirt, and outdoorsy hat, and a 4 year old also dressed in cargo shorts, moss green T (not the exact same shade), and hat. And one of these vaguely skinhead-looking blond redneck boys with a buzz cut and plaid shirt, jeans, and tattooed neck, with a little kid with a buzz cut, dressed in denim overalls, plaid shirt. No tattoos on him, though. Yet.

See, hippies, skinhead rednecks, not the ones I think of when I think of people who set out to dress their children to match, but there it was.

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