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Language Log

Sunday, Jun. 14, 2009 - 6:50 p.m.

My Swahili conversation pal, gone for months now to TX for a post-doc, swung by today on her grand tour of the midwest and had waffles. A very nice visit. I miss our weekly meetings. We've been slack about the correspondence we had intended to take up to replace them; now we're gonna try chatting online and see if that doesn't work. Gave her some mint starts and some jam.

Ordered some carnivorous plants online. An indulgence rewarding myself for three straight weeks of shows (even though the last one hasn't happened yet). My sarracenia is doing so well (barring the effects of a recent hungry hungry caterpillar), I'm feeling ambitious. Plus I already have the peat and the sand. Not sure what I'll do with them come winter-- not sure how the dormant period goes, never done that-- but it's worth a try. May have to build a terrarium. I'll be getting an assortment of plants, including red dragon flytraps (venus flytraps, but a nice deep red color), a couple different sarracenias, a nepenthes, a pinguicula, and two different drosera. I'm excited.

I tried it again and decided that I don't really care for cold soup.

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