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Thursday, Jun. 25, 2009 - 10:24 p.m.

Michael Jackson, eh? Didn't see that coming. I never knew what to think about him, once he started getting really weird. Never could bring myself to form an opinion about the, you know, allegations. Definitely one of the more tragic figures of our time, despite the insistences tonight of various friends who are being interviewed, claiming that he was actually happy. You can't have that many plastic surgeries and be happy-- some existential problems there, being dealt with in the wrong way (the right way being unclear or unavailable).

Still, surprise that it was, and who it was, and all, not sure it really warrants the WHOLE HOUR of Keith Olberman coverage. Rachel Maddow, you're not going to do us that way, too, are you? Give us some Iran coverage, now.

Talked to the in-laws tonight. We're going down there in a week or so, "So you'll cross over to week 12 while you're here? Oh, good, we can start telling peopel while you're still here!" Me: "Um...uh, maybe I should wait until I get the next doctor appt done with, just to be sure." Probably not what I should have said. Made me sound terribly pessimistic. I'm not good at thinking and talking at the same time. It's hard to be a tactful buzzkill. And actually I had forgotten that the real reason was to make sure I get through the chorionic villi testing without any disasters...I just knew there had been some reason why we weren't going to tell yet, so mumble mumble no not yet. I have a bad habit of that-- remembering the WHAT, but not the WHY. Mumble mumble.

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