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Saturday, Jun. 27, 2009 - 7:36 p.m.

I bought 2 pints of blueberries at the farmer's market today, intending to make jam, but I find I can't stop eating them. as soon as I washed them, half a pint mysteriously disappeared. I like blueberries too much: fresh, in pie, in jam. Don't care for them in baked goods; it's a waste. Better in pie or jam. If I really want jam I may have to go to Sam's and buy a couple-three quarts; that way I'll be sure to have enough for everything.

I got my copy of Bound and Lettered the other day and have since been once again intent on making fabulous books, but am (again) frustrated by my lack of topic and lack of patience for the careful planning involved. Working in 1" square items has ruined me, ruined me I tell you. It's especially stupid since as one book artist was quoted as saying, an artist's book is all at once 2-D, sculpture, plus text. That has always been my claim about my jewelry. You'd think it would be a natural transition. So why can't I adapt? Rrrgh. I'm getting some ideas, though. As always, it comes down to finding a topic that resonates with me and a way of doing it that's true to my own aesthetic. When you are first observing others' work, it's easy to want to do things like those you're admiring. And then I for one am blocked from doing so. (Not that I set out to copy, but you know, I see a book of photographs and I think about doing photographs; I see a book of poetry and I think I should do poetry). Then when I find my own angle on it, I'm freed up. At least that's what I hope will happen. When I find the right ideas, stumble on that vein of ideas, I hope the patience and enthusiasm for follow-through will also gurgle up from somewhere.

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