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Tuesday, Jul. 07, 2009 - 6:19 a.m.

Still in Memphis. Yesterday at lunch, talking with a friend whose baby is turning 1 in the next week or so, simultaneously listening to an anecdote about something the baby did and (because I am generally bored with anecdotes about babies) eavesdropping on a conversation at another table in which a young man complained about his friends with babies always telling anecdotes about them. "I mean, it can only do so many things. How many times are you going to tell this story?". Yeah. I wonder whether next year I will begin to find boring stories about small children interesting, or whether I will still find others' stories boring while nevertheless telling my own boring stories. Will I bore myself? Possibly yes.

Went maternity clothes shopping yesterday. I'm not sure I was sufficiently enthusiastic, but I tried. I'm back to a pessimistic "well, I haven't had an ultrasound for a few weeks, maybe it's not even alive anymore, or if it's not, the test is going to make me miscarry anyhow, so why am I bothering with maternity clothes? It's all a lie!" state of mind. Test on Thursday, then we'll see. Inshaallah, as they say.

Today, picking blueberries, and then to Tunica for Paula Deen's buffet this evening (the fried catfish I have been waiting for). I haven't gotten much work done this week-- desperately need to make necklace cords for Saturday. Tomorrow, homeward bound.

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