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Language Log

Sunday, Jul. 12, 2009 - 6:05 a.m.

Been having weird dreams lately. Last night, it was this:

I notice a chimpanzee outside the window picking through something on the ground. I strike up a conversation with him; turns out a) he can talk, and b) he explains that he LOVES the sunflower seeds I feed the birds. Just crazy about the sunflower seeds. After letting him into the house through the window briefly and upsetting the cats, I ask him to leave but promise I'll bring him some sunflower seeds the next day. I'm vaguely worried that he'll start harassing me now that he know I have a supply of sunflower seeds, like a bear rummaging through one's campsite. But he leaves when I ask, no problem.

The next day, I meet him outside and he agrees to show me where he lives. It's out in the forest, this complicated complex of treehouse steps, under which, to my surprise, are working computer hackers. Just under every landing, a guy working at a computer. This whole thing turns into more of a warehouse setting. I get to meet the person who has adopted the chimp, who raised him since infancy. He's a bit of a creep. Meanwhile, all these computer hackers are evrywhere. Then it comes out somehow that they've raised my friend the sunflower-seed-loving chimp not for companionship, but to send on a suicide attack, which will happen any day now. Meanwhile, someone on the inside (the chimp? It becomes unclear) has figured this out and has made an electronica dance mix that is getting listened to by many of the hackers and beyond. This mix is designed to convince them that they should not be at war with whoever it is they're fighting; you know, peace and love. It seems to be working, and the head guy finds out that the chimp is responsible for this and comes after him. I warn the chimp that he'll have to flee. To where? Not clear. But he's a chimp, and he's in the forest, so I'm optimistic that he'll make it.

Then I woke up.

I don't even like non-human primates (don't have anything against them, but I've never found them cute or funny); I don't know what was up with this.

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