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Language Log

Tuesday, Jul. 28, 2009 - 7:12 a.m.

Got that business with the carnivorous plants order straightened out. The guy had had a nasty computer virus that knocked him offline for 3 weeks. Can you imagine? Three weeks offline? Oh, the humanity! Anyway, the plants should arrive tomorrow. I'm very excited.

Speaking of "Oh, the humanity", that's a quote from the radio announcer covering the Hindenberg disaster. He's quite genuinely horrified and emotional when he says it, but even knowing the context and hearing all the people screaming in the background, it still comes off as kinda funny. So wrong.

I'm trying making a photo frame out of paper. Torn paper, with pigment, and strategically placed texturing. I showed it to J and he liked the back better. So did I, in fact. I may try another, with the sloppy back as the front. How "artistic" do people want their photo frames? When I was putting the last layer of resin on, it overflowed a bit, but it's at the inside corner of the cutaway part, and frankly, it looks kinda cool too. Unfortunately, it all takes a lot of resin and is rather time consuming, so I may not be able to wholesale these unless I find a serious timesaving production trick. Maybe I'll reopen my Etsy shop with nothing but unnecessarily artistic photo frames. Update, not worthy of its own entry: You know I'm not much of a prescriptivist, but if I could choose one phrase to be banished forever from the English language, it would be "very special".

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