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Wednesday, Jul. 29, 2009 - 10:35 p.m.

I will not debate politics with people I barely know of Facebook. I will not.

But 1) a little preventative care can go a long way towards not having people end up in the emergency room for simple problems that could have been treated earlier. When that happens, hospitals cover it, and you know how they cover it? By considering it part of overhead and distributing the costs amongst the folks who do pay. So the costs are still there, they're just a) higher and b) hidden. 2) Some people have no insurance because of preexisting conditions, or because they do work their asses off but at 2-3 part-time jobs, none of which offers insurance to part-timers and none of which are ever going to hire them as full-time employees because then they'd have to offer health insurance. Or maybe they're going to college, paying for it themselves, and working part time, which also amounts to no insurance. It's not just people "sitting on their asses" while you're at your 40 hour workweek. Asshole.

There. Glad to get that off my chest.

Got sick on something this afternoon-- either applesauce or cottage cheese. It was unpleasant.

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