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Friday, Jul. 31, 2009 - 9:52 a.m.

I FINALLY got my carnivorous plants in the mail yesterday. They were in pretty good shape, the last weird thing being that I had ordered a starter kit with a list of very specific plants, and what I got contained the correct number of plants in roughly the same distribution of genuses I expected, only two of the species matched up. But whatever. At least I got them. Never mind that my flytraps are boring green instead of the cool red ones I wanted. I'll order them another time maybe (from someone else, definitely).

My new plants: 2 flytraps, one regular and one dentate; 1 sarracenia rubra, 1 sarracenia x Dixie Lace, 1 Drosera dielsiana, and 1 Nepenthes copelandii. My sundew doesn't have any dew on it just at the moment. Hopefully a little sunlight will clear up that problem. The Nepenthes is the coolest of them all. It's tiny now, but should I be able to keep it alive, in theory it becomes quite large. One website says, "Upper pitchers appear when the vine has climbed to a height of about 2m (6)". So, yeah!

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