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Tuesday, Aug. 11, 2009 - 10:40 a.m.

Diaryland is down as I'm writing this. Yet I feel I canít get on with my day until I make a post, so here it is, saved in Word until the site is working again. I should probably renew my membership; I feel like an NPR listener who never pledges. Yes, Diaryland, I would miss you if you were gone! Give me another chance and Iíll renew, I promise!

Having a bit of a panic todayóIím supposed to mail off that big order I got last weekóI thought I had it all in line, ready to be packaged, but at the last minute as usual I feel a series of small crises coming on. A) Iíd rather not put the things from the one collection on cards, because the cards are individually made= very time consuming and I donít really factor the costs of them into the item pricing. I was trying to figure out whether I should just not offer them, or offer them for an additional price (which I admit seems kinda lame since it is packaging, after all), but I noticed that on the website, I say that all things come on cards. So I should probably do it. Itís only like 5 of them. I could call and ask them if they really want them, but I hate to bug them, and more importantly, I hate talking on the phone. B) They ordered 6 of one earring type, in a variety of colors. I have exactly 6 pairs if I hurry up and finish varnishing the last one, but it isnít exactly a variety. Four of them are very purple-oriented. And though I call them Ďsummer brightsí in the listing, a couple of them are not that bright. And there are no really bright warm colors in the ones I have on hand, unlike in the picture on the website. I guess I sold too many at the show this past Saturday. Will they be disappointed? I hope not, maybe they wonít even notice, but itís either send them what I have or call and tell them I wonít be shipping everything today after all, which I think would be worse. Someday, someday I will have this whole thing down pat.

Went to the doc yesterday, everything is proceeding fine. Itís funny, itís always such a relief to hear the heartbeató-at the same time, I have this growing awareness that Iím really not going to be able to get out of this one. I feel like when you have a paper or presentation due that you know youíve done a half-assed job on despite best intentions, and you keep hoping something will happen to either spontaneously improve the quality of your work or to stop the whole thing from happening, but time marches on and next thing you know, there you are at the front of the class alternately uhm-ing, pausing and rushing through whatever crappy handout it is youíve prepared. I don't really want anything to happen to stop it (like I said, hearing the heartbeat is a great relief), but I also have a growing sense of doom. At least I have a few more months yet to prepare for this presentation. ;)

The belly is growing-óitís funny how it does it, it stays the same for some days, and then *poink* one morning suddenly itís noticeably bigger (noticeable to me, anyway). Iíll be glad when I am readily identifiable as pregnant and not just increasingly chubby.

We have an appt in two weeks to find out the sex (not the 'gender' as people keep saying-- that won't happen for a couple of years yet, I suspect.)

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