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Language Log

Thursday, Aug. 20, 2009 - 7:24 a.m.

The deck has most of its planks on now! And there was much to-ing and fro-ing over minutae of design yesterday. Teh planks on the subdeck shall run perpendicular to the planks on the main deck, it was decided. They gave me some leftover copper, which I nearly turned down. Luckily J persuaded me that I should take it in case I needed it (good man!).

Today it's raining, and scheduled to keep on raining. Whenever I woke in the night to flop over and try to wake up my sleeping arm, I worried excessively about my carnivorous plants outside. Would the pitchers get hit with hail and break? Would all the dew wash off of my sundew? Or worst, would they get completely covered in water like they did that one time? (The tray they're in is deep and I haven't drilled drainage holes in it yet). Then I reminded myself that they do grow in swamps, for the most part, and I should probably chill. Went out there first thing this morning, and they're all fine. The water wasn't even very deep (but I emptied it out, since it's supposed to rain all day). I think I'm a little too involved with my plants.

You see that I have updated my buttons. I had forgotten whatall exactly I had on this page, because a) I look at it so seldom and b) I haven't had a gold membership in so long. But I took a look the other day and was horrified. To think I've been saying sarcastic things about bad calligraphy and all the while, that was up there. So, new, slightly generic buttons. (Can anyone name the font? 10 points to those who can).

Oh, I worked up the courage to make a follow-up call to the gallery I shipped that order to last week. She was very happy with everything! Loved the presentation cards, and no complaints about variety. *whew* Excellent. Renewed confidence.

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