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Language Log

Sunday, Aug. 30, 2009 - 6:46 a.m.

Went to a surprise birthday party last night, where there was very good cake.

Speaking of traffic clusterfucks, it was the worst at the farmer's mkt yesterday. People stopping two lengths in from a 4-way stop to wait 5 minutes for a space to open up, leaving the entire intersection in gridlock. Then they blocked half of the road a half block down from that with no warning for the salsa tasting, had to turn around and go to another lot, where there was another idiot backing up traffic in to the street waiting for a spot to open. Grr! Small town traffic, I shouldn't complain given that that's about the worst of it, but it ruined my market mood for a while there.

Oh yeah! I hate it when there's a 4-way stop with cars on all sides and pedestrians, and you wait your turn and try not to run people over, and then a car who was behind a car who was there when you got there goes ahead and goes. Excuse me! You do not inherit right-of-way!

Got pears. And some other stuff. Then canned a batch of pizza sauce. Then made ketchup. The ketchup is pretty good. Had it with tater tots for dinner last night.

I also got mad about something else yesterday, and I'm still feeling mad today.

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