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Language Log

Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2009 - 5:59 p.m.

Two entries in one day! I know. It's because J is off gallivanting around Yorkshire, as mentioned earlier, so I have no one to talk to.

I forgot to mention something that happened at the show: this potter who I had traded with a year ago came into my booth with a friend, didn't really say hello to me or smile or anything, but when her friend was looking at my things said, "I had a pair of these, but I was driving with the window down and it flew right off my ear. So lightweight isn't always good." And she looked sour, and they left. She didn't say it in a 'hah hah, here's what happened' kind of way, but in a 'your crappy light-ass jewelry just flew off me' sort of way. Luckily the other customer who was in the booth bought something anyway. I mean, this woman's an artist, and she just comes in and says that in front of my customers? Not cool. I have this uncharitable vision of her driving along with her head stuck out the window and her tongue hanging out.

I forgot about it, and then today emailed her that I would like to replace the earrings. I don't really think it's my fault (sometimes shit happens) but I don't want another artist out there badmouthing my work at every show. We'll see what she says. Maybe she always looks sour like that. I don't really know her.

Oh, and remember how I said I really liked that new nib? I take it back. It wouldn't write worth a damn for me this afternoon.

Went to the art supply store and bought some paper, including some REALLY BIG paper. 24 x 40 or something ridiculous. I kind of want to do a really big calligraphy piece on it, except: a) where would I put it? and b) I'm not really very good at big calligraphy. But I might try it anyway and if it doesn't work, well: palimpsest! Palimpsest!

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