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Thursday, Sept. 17, 2009 - 7:01 p.m.

Ok. Haven't heard back from the sour-faced potter yet. Whatever; at least I tried.

My great idea for using recycled/repurposed paper in my work hasn't panned out. It's too floppy. Back to the drawing board.

Spent part of today fiddling around with embossing. Debossing. I found that if I make a little spiral or something out of wire, and hammer it flat, I can use it as a shape for debossing rather nicely. Put the paper on top and rub away with my stylus (aka the butt end of my awl; I don't have a stylus). Problem is, embossing doesn't really show up very well on jewelry, especially once I finish sealing it. I tried fiddling around with it with dry pigments, watercolor pencils, but no good. With the colored pencils you can't even tell it isn't just a drawing, and dusted with pigment, it looks the same, only a different color. *sigh*

Creative malaise.

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