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Language Log

Monday, Sept. 21, 2009 - 8:04 a.m.

So this morning sometime between my eating my granola at the computer and my tea finishing brewing in the kitchen, somebody peed on one of the boxes of my jewelry displays in the kitchen. It's a plastic box; nothing inside was damaged, but when I went in there to get my tea and let two of the cats out, there it was. I don't think I overlooked it earlier-- besides, it was still bubbly. I don't know who was responsible for this-- all three of them were in there, but my money is on the new one-- we haven't had exactly this sort of behavior before, so she's the likely suspect. Grrreeat. Another cat with litter issues. For fuck's sake. The other cats tend to beat up on her a bit in the morning, maybe it was her response. I don't know. I had just fed them, and they hadn't asked to go out yet, so. I don't know what it was apropos of.

Now Ballyhoo is outside walking around doing his irritating meowing thing, and I'm not letting him in. I'm mad at all of them.

I also had a bad resin day yesterday. I dome the resin up on the backs of the paper-- it takes a bit of finesse to maximze the resin without overdoing itand ending up with it all running off...normally I'm pretty good at it, but yesterday, I had overflow on something like 5 or 6 pieces. Now I have to scrape all the excess resin off and redo them. Pain in the ass.

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