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Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2009 - 8:01 a.m.

All day yesterday I was moving as if through sludge. I'm not bipolar by any stretch of the imagination, but I do have these days where I'm overwhelmed with creative energy, and usually shortly thereafter I'm immobilized with lethargy for some period of time. Well, it wasn't lethargy yesterday-- I made some good headway organizing the study. But my creative juices had definitely dried up.

I told this story on Facebook, but I will tell it again here: I was fixin to make some broccoli for dinner (not to be confused with fixin some broccoli-- I hadn't gotten that far yet, I was merely fixin to fix), a small stalk (this was organic broccoli, as you will shortly see, and so it wasn't one of those dense supermarket broccoli heads), and found a caterpillar. A big, fat, green caterpillar. And then another. And then another. And on and on. 7 in all. I went outside and put them on the rail near the birdfeeder, came back in and continued rinsing, giving it the close inspection for any I'd missed. Then I noticed the aphids, clustered around the actual florets. They wouldn't wash off for anything, were too small to pick off by hand, and they blended in really well, so I said to hell with it and threw the whole shebang into the compost. So sad. I really should eat more broccoli. But my irrational aversion to eating bugs has gotten in the way of my overall nutrition once again.

Happy equinox.
PS. And who is this mysterious minyang0-9 who comes on diaryland every morning? I won't look; I'm sure it's someone sure that that a diaryland diary is the best way to advertise their diet supplements. I prefer to imagine that it's one person with a very compelling personal story who has, for purposes of artistry, decided to post their story in multiple diaries. One per aspect of their personality, one per domain of identity. I will never look at them, this hypothesis is so much more interesting than whatever the truth may be.

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