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Language Log

Friday, Sept. 25, 2009 - 7:25 a.m.

Got a wholesale order yesterday. A small one-- $2 under my minimum, actually, but I won't quibble. A place in Reno. We're a-movin' on up. (snicker). Seriously, they only ordered 3 designs, multiples of each. I think that defeats the purpose of a minimum-- to ensure a representative selection so people can see what my work is about. Ah, well. Whatever.

Didn't accomplish much yesterday. It was rainy; I pretty much either slept or thought about sleeping. I did make a thank-you card for someone-- haven't written anything in it yet, but making the card was the first step. Black ink on Arches with my soda can ruling pen. It's quite nice, actually. Today I have to make a sympathy card. Then I will write things in them and mail them.

I also finished up the piece for J. It is exceedingly awesome, in my humble opinion.

I wish I had another assignment to work on, I'm still in a calligraphy mood. There's a problem with 2D stuff that prevents me from just making things all willy-nilly-- they're too big to just have laying around, all the old pieces you've done. Not as bad as some canvas paintings, I suppose, but still. There's a kind of 'what's the point?' attitude that I get. With jewelry you can always give it to someone or wear it yourself or something. They're small and useful. Wall pieces are a different matter. *sigh*

Ah! In other news, my Nepenthes is pitchering! This is exciting since both the pitchers it arrived with shriveled up, and then it put out a leaf...I thought I wasn't going to have further luck with it. But it seems to have acclimated, and seems to be pitchering. Despite the low humidity (before the rain began a couple of days ago). I started misting it daily with distilled water, I think that helped. Hurrah! A squirrel tried to dig up one of my flytraps, though, I'm hoping that if I do things right, the Nep will get big enough to eat the squirrels. Wouldn't that be nice?

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