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Thursday, Oct. 08, 2009 - 7:31 a.m.

Ugh, had just an awful night last night. I guess this pregnancy is starting to catch up with me, in the form of wicked heartburn, which I have never had before. I was waking up with acid surging past my larynx every couple of hours, getting up to pop Tums and Gaviscon, having J fetch me pillows. Trying to sleep in an elevated pose on piled up pillows (I'm a one-pillow woman-- any more and I get a sore neck). My new strategy to avoid this in the future will be to eat only light dinners, before 6:30.
It's tricky, though-- I'm supposed to get a certain amount of nutrition, which means then that my lunches should be larger...but then I won't be hungry in time for dinner before 6:30. Breakfasts are the answer, I suppose. I can live with that. I like breakfast. Gonna have to have my mom bring me some more grits when she comes up for the shower. I'm almost out.


Every time I hear someone describe the landscape of Afghanistan, I wish it were peaceful enough over there that I could go and see it. It sounds like something I would like. (i.e., bleak.) I also wonder what has happened to Darius' cuneiform monument on Bisitun. But that's not Afghanistan, is it? Iraq? Iran? In any case, I wonder how it's holding up.

Today, off we go to a certain baby-related superstore to start registering for things. I've begun to steel myself: I still don't like babies, and the place gives me the willies.

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