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Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2009 - 8:51 a.m.

Also got a Jarrahdale squash. I forgot about that one. I keep eyeing this site (let's see if I got that link to work!) for possibilities for next year. The main thing holding me back from preparing the side yard properly and cementing this scheme is the recommendation that a shallow trench be dug around the new bed to demarcate it and prevent the weeds from growing in. You know how I feel about digging. Especially at the moment (26 weeks now!). Also I don't think I have enough compost makins to cover a large enough area (I was envisioning converting more or less the entire side yard, about 15x30ft)...but the ones I grew last year did surprisingly well just on little hills out in the middle of the yard-- it was the aesthetics of the thing that was questionable. Not to mention, I think we'll hire someone to mow next year...I'll be busy...and I don't want them doing a hack job on my garden every other week.

Hmm, hmm. Maybe I'll just dither until it's too late. Again.

Entering the last few days of being able to make new stuff for the next show. Am in my usual panic (which does not seem to prevent me from wasting an entire morning on god knows what, and taking naps).

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