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Sunday, Oct. 18, 2009 - 6:58 a.m.

Yesterday: apples, a whole bunch of apples for the making of apple maple jam today. Also a Delicata squash. I've heard good things about Delicatas.

The lady at the icelandic sheep/assorted produce stand was selling flour-- whole wheat bread flour and whole wheat pastry flour. "Which of these is the pastry flour?" I asked. "That one," she said. "Now, do you know the difference between the two?" A pause. "Yeah, you look like you know the difference."

That made my day. I'm not sure what it was about me, other than that I was wearing plaid. I guess I'm getting to looking old and experienced (particularly in the ways of pastry). Sweet.

It is currently 30 degrees! Luckily I had been paying attention, and did some things to ensure the continuation of my carnivores. Bought a light! And a timer! For the Nep and the sundew. Did I mention my Nep is pitchering? I'm sure I did. Let's hope the move to inside doesn't bring that to a halt. Moved the rest of them to the basement. Not really sure whether the abrupt change to complete darkness will be good for them. Not sure whether to let them go totally dormant quite yet. Probably not; I think this was a local low-- the next week at least looks rather mild.

Also in gardening news, I happened upon three large (5.5' x 4') pieces of cardboard in an industrial dumpster! Big, flat, clean pieces. Perfect new-bed size, in other words. I had been on the verge of calling the whole pumpkin bed thing off because I didn't feel like spending much time rounding up newspaper or trying to get all these little cardboard boxes I have laying around to fit together into an area large enough to actually do something in (without them blowing away first). But now I have cardboard! I am delighted. There's no stopping me now.

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