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Monday, Oct. 26, 2009 - 8:11 a.m.

Show is over! It was very good-- set a new record sales-wise, and no one balked at the higher prices (not that they knew they were higher). Next year, those higher prices will make their general debut.

The one collection still seems to be much more popular than the other one. I had a terrible, embarrassing moment when a woman was about to buy two pairs of earrings and I saw that someone had damaged one pair of them-- cracked the resin and the wire now flexed about as it is not supposed to. I offered to make her a new set in the same colors, but she left without buying either pair. I have this lurking fear that my stuff has a shelf life I'm not aware of because I've only been making it for a few years, and one day everything I have made will just start to disintegrate or something. As far as I know there is no real basis for this, but when I find that someone has broken something it makes me worry. I don't know what other people put their jewelry through. And I hate that they feel like they can/should try to break my things. Bet they don't do that to the goldsmiths. Maybe I should just put everything behind glass cases like everyone else does. Anyway, this incident kind of undermined my joy at having set a new sales record.

Plus, I still have a nagging feeling that personal sales record or not, everyone else is making more than me. And I don't know what else to do to increase sales.

The people of Memphis dress fabulously. It was good people-watching.

We're going home today. I am very ready to be home. This is a lot of socializing for me. Two days straight of smiling and being personable all day, then after the show trying to remain personable for the benefit of the in-laws. They eat much later than I do, take longer doing it, and stay up later. All that when, if left to my own devices (I like my own devices) I would eat a bowl of granola and collapse immediately. It taxes me sorely.

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