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Language Log

Thursday, Oct. 29, 2009 - 7:18 a.m.

I did nothing yesterday. Or very close to it. Putzed around all morning, took J to the airport (back to Scotland again! Those Scots can't get enough of him.), took a long nap, ate leftovers, watched TV.

I remembered the anecdote. It's not really an anecdote, as it wasn't elaborate enough to warrant a narrative structure in the retelling. Just an event. At the show, I sold my "X" initial pendant. It was the first one. It was very exciting. The recipient's name indeed began with "x", and it wasn't "Xavier". Now I get to make a new X pendant.

Also, there were these two creepy tweens in my booth. They were tiny and skinny. One of them was wearing red plaid. They walked around and fingered everything, but didn't smile. The other one, the not-wearing-plaid one, she had dark circles around her eyes and looked so serious and unfriendly that I actually worried briefly that she might be a zombie. But I don't think she was, or that she was even made up to look like one. She was just unintentionally freaky. They left without buying (or taking) anything.

I have one more show this year. I need to mail off some things to a couple of consignment shops (sigh-- still no wholesale orders, sure glad I spent that $500 on that ad) and replenish my supplies for the last show. Really only about a week of making should catch me back up. Other than that, I will: a) put photos of some new things on the wholesale site, fwiw; b) list some more things in the sadly neglected shop on the other blog; c) design/make my thank you notes for the shower; d) frivolous calligraphy. I also have plans to install those garden beds in the side yard for next year's pumpkins; may do that today as it's supposed to get up to 70, and no rain either. I hope I can find enough stuff to cover the cardboard completely. There are leaves everywhere except in my yard, it seems like. I was really counting on the leaves.

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