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Language Log

Sunday, Nov. 08, 2009 - 7:46 a.m.

Hahahah-- I just read the funniest thing on Facebook. No, no, stay with me here. I got an invitation to join a group protesting the Daytona Beach City Ordinance banning...(drumroll please)... live music in restaurants.

Haha! Yes, there is such a thing! They had a copy of a citation letter one local bar received, and a) it looks official and b) that language is indeed buried in there. I suppose it could be an elaborate hoax (this is the internet, after all), but it's just too believeable. Plus the invite was forwarded me by a local musician, who I suppose would know.

I've known for some time now that where I live now, despite the wretched winters and persistent absence of the Atlantic Ocean, is much, much better than Daytona in a number of ways. No one example brings that point home quite so quickly as this one, though. No live music in restaurants! What are they thinking? Perhaps the apathetic masses of Daytona will rise up...on facebook. I'll be shocked if they actually go vote to kick out whoever is responsible for this.

Someone wrote on the group wall, "another example of our rights being curtailed!". That too is funny.

Oh, gawd help us all.

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