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Language Log

Thursday, Nov. 12, 2009 - 8:01 a.m.

Success with the track lighting, at long last. Also, success with my first book sewn onto tapes. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out as a first experiment in this type of binding.

It took me a couple of hours just to sew the tapes onto the boards, the last step. I have no idea how people on Etsy sell handbound books so inexpensively. Not that I see any sewn onto tapes, but Coptic binding is no quick project, either. Officially, then, although I am always fantasizing about trying to sell what I make (with a spectacular lack of focus), I hereby declare that there is no way I will try to sell my handbound books. Not unless I somehow become truly proficient-- proficient enough to do them a lot faster, and to command a higher price for the finished object. Which someday, I suppose is possible. Until then, I will make books of whatever sorts I want and enjoy them and give them away and that will be that.

Lamp update: J agrees that the lampshade we have is fine. And that I should not have to go lampshade shopping. *whew* Also, someone with recent infants has offered us their crib, so now we don't have to make a decision about a crib, either. Glorious.

While i'm on the subject, for the record, I don't actually find the mil herself overly materialistic. The whole family is loving and kind and giving first of self, then of things. They're just really generous with the things. But I guess I think kids raised with lots of things might come to have a different relationship to things than adults who come to be able to acquire them later. On the other hand, J and his brother had lots of stuff too (I assume when they were little, too? Don't really know) and they are not overly materialistic either. (Although I have had the occasional run-in with his brother over waste, esp of food). And certainly lots of people who didn't have much growing up end up plenty materialistic. So there may not be the link I fear there is. (Or IS there?) But the issues of control are still at play, and may be the primary ones. (Or ARE they?)

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