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Language Log

Friday, Nov. 27, 2009 - 7:43 a.m.

Home, finally. Had a nice time overall-- it is nice to have people make a fuss over you, there's no denying it. We got lots of nice stuff. I still can't believe I'm going to need it. (Me at shower: Who put this stroller here in the way? What's this for? Oh. Oh yeah.)

But man, my bed at home is so much more comfortable. I never could get entirely comfortable there. My back has started to hurt, I started having these weird abdominal pains-- at first I thought they were digestive in nature, but now I think they're just muscles stretching. Plus ample heartburn, and a marked decrease in my capacity to eat much at one time. (I am officially at 7 months this week, heading into month 8, so I guess it's to be expected). This morning I weighed myself and I had lost 3-4 lbs. At the in-laws'! Crazy. I think some of it was dehydration, but surely not all. Sheesh.

Today will be busy, busy. Set-up for the show begins at 2, the show is from 4-7 today, 10-3 tomorrow. I have to get everything together, make new pricing tags, make necklace cords, start the new pieces for that wholesale order I got, and get the first half of said order in the mail.

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