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Language Log

Sunday, Nov. 29, 2009 - 6:24 a.m.

Ok, the show actually went very well. Several times better than expected, in fact. I sold the second-most expensive item there (to a linguistics prof, no less! But not one I know very well) and the most expensive pair of earrings ($72! I hadn't really believed that anyone buys $72 earrings, but I'm pleased to discover that they do). That helped the total considerably.

Also a person buying a pendant for a friend reported that her sister had gotten a pendant of mine a few years ago-- still loves it, and that it even went through the wash once and been "exposed to water a lot actually" and was in fine shape. That was reassuring, and now I can produce that story for people who are curious.

The cards didn't find any takers, alas. Oh, well. I'll keep on with them a bit longer. You can't tell much from one show.

The cats. The cats are so needy after we return from a trip. Finally ended up with all three of them in my lap/on my legs in the chair the other night; this morning Mr. Hoo wanted most intently to sit on me-- he likes to perch on my shoulder, positioned so that he can groom my cheek if necessary to display his affection (I usually stick my hand in the way, which doesn't seem to entirely satisfy him, but oh well). I kept having to dump him off rather inconsiderately. A little 'hoo is a nice thing; a 'hoo who wants to sit on you for an hour or two straight is a bit on an encumbrance. And now that they've snuggled me into wakefulness, they want to take turns on my lap. It's like I'm a Disney ride. Oh, the weight of all this affection.

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