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Friday, Dec. 04, 2009 - 8:05 a.m.

What I learned last night was that Zantac, while it will reduce heartburn and acid, will not do anything to prevent reflux, and that when you have non-acidic reflux, it takes you just that much longer to wake up when you're in the midst of aspirating your own digestive juices. Lovely, I know.

Not a good night.

Also, it's cold outside. Had my first annual episode of cold-induced Turret's-like behavior yesterday afternoon-- Once the temp drops below a certain threshold and if there's a bit of a wind, I start twitching and cursing uncontrollably. This will occur just about every time I go outside until, oh, April.

Still don't know what to do with this mini-nectarine my mom got me a couple of months ago. I was supposed to plant it in the ground, but didn't find that out until I had already planted it in a pot. It hasn't even lost all its leaves (which I was sort of counting on as a sign that I could try sticking it in the garage, where there's no light). Now it occurs to me that the pot it's in is ceramic, which means that if I don't do something with it, it will crack once it gets really cold. I think it's doomed, either way.

I'm feeling a bit doomed today, myself.

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