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Saturday, Dec. 05, 2009 - 8:22 a.m.

A fairly fruitful day yesterday. Got the remainder of that wholesale order finished and mailed off. Also got an Etsy order! Someone bought a card! One of the embossed ones. It was very exciting.

Began some emergency pumpkin processing (did I mention I left all the squash out to freeze?)-- One blue hubbard yielded about 8 cups of puree. I have at minimum another hubbard and a banana squash to process, each of which should yield about as much. Also a Cinderella pumpkin (which was so good that one year I have to roast it up just in case it's as good.) All of which is to say, I'm not sure I have enough freezer space for all this. Usually I space it out over a few months.

Time for more pumpkin bread.

Today: I must begin to sort through little bits of paper on my work table. The larger sheets are no problem, but it's the scraps and shreads that stop me in my tracks-- large enough to use in a mosaic or something (i.e., over 1/2" along any dimension), but too small to organize easily. I have decided to divide them into bags by color. I expect this process will be every bit as boring as it sounds. And who knows how sustainable it will be once I start to use them again.

Other things: raking leaves, attending to compost, thinking about making a catalog (for realsies this time) and the American Craft co-op ad.

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