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Language Log

Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2009 - 8:28 a.m.

Well, thought they were leaving today, but they're not quite yet. One more day. They're sticking around to play cards or something. "Family time". Not a concept I ever really got (seems to imply one enjoys being around one's family? Is that right? Weird.)

We did go and acquire some non-stinky baby-safe detergent. Yes, it is hard to remain a sarcastic, misanthropic sourpuss in the face of such genuinely considerate behavior. Thank you for asking.

So I'm bracing myself and trying to work up the maturity to smile and nod through one more day of overwhelming helpfulness and unsolicited instruction/advice. Starting the day by rehashing herein the previous day's irritations is probably not the best way to begin, but let's face it, I'm funniest when annoyed. I can't just let material of this quality slip away.

Have been reading Vol. 1 of Michael Kupperman's "Tales Designed to Thrizzle". That helps considerably, but I'm almost done with it. It may bear re-reading. I officially want a "Snake and Bacon" T-shirt. ("Ssss". "I am delicious bacon.")

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