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Language Log

Wednesday, Jan. 06, 2010 - 8:35 a.m.

1. My cold endures.

2. As does ridiculous heartburn/reflux. Weird toad-like burpling noises when I lay down.

3. Late Christmas present from J: "The World's Writing Systems". It's a giant tome, very comprehensive. Love it! Looking forward to getting out the pens and ink and seeing what I can do with it all.

4. The snowflakes yesterday morning crunched underfoot, even though it was just a very thin dusting. They were very small, I couldn't make out their shape very well. Solid plates, perhaps?

5. When I was about 12, I found some sort of animal jawbone (dog? racoon? fox? The whole thing was about 4-5 inches long) when on a hike at summer horse camp. I kept it. Years later, I took to wearing it on a piece of thin nylon rope around my neck. It was the look that defined my late teens. I was uniquely identifiable as the one with the plaid hat and jawbone-on-a-rope. Found it in a box yesterday when working on the closet. Will _probably_ not adopt the necklace look again, but am delighted to still have my talisman. If I used a purse, I might carry it in there. But I don't.

6. Can't help but note that it's practices like (but not limited to!) wearing jawbones around my neck that taught my mother to count her blessings and leave me alone about minor, harmless quirks in my behavior. Or perhaps deadened her to certain of my oddities-- a "contrast class effect" as J would say. How to get the in-laws to this same point of quiet acceptance is a challenge I'm still working on. One does get tired of being called upon to extensively justify every decision when it doesn't match up with what they take to be the correct/obvious thing to do.

7. (The numbering has ceased to be meaningful, but I'll keep it up anyway).

8. (Even though I guess I'm kinda done).

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