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Language Log

Thursday, Jan. 07, 2010 - 7:58 a.m.

It hurts when I cough. I cough a lot. I'm only supposed to take the approved over-the-counter cold medicines for a week; today is the end of the week. I hope the doc can offer me some relief today. I don't think lozenges are going to do it. Who knows how long this is going to go on. The idea of hacking and dribbling snot all over my newborn is less than appealing. I mean, I know she'll be covered in gunk at first anyway, but still.

So, yesterday we bought a new car. I know! Our erstwhile car was not going to be big enough to carry both art show booth and baby, so an upgrade was required sometime before my shows start up in May. We'd only been actively looking for about a day. Personally, I had expected the process to go on for some months, but no! The deal was good, we both liked it, we brought it home and partially loaded it with stuff to make sure it would all fit...Result: new car. ! I'm still a bit discombobulated by the speed of the process (when we shopped for J's new recliner, we had to stop at several boring, near-identical furniture stores over the course of several days to inspect every recliner that met our desiderata), but I'm not complaining. Easier to do it now than when we have MiniMe to tote around.

Today: snow (3-5 inches). This afternoon: doc appt to find out if infant has seen the error of her ways and returned to head-down position. I can't stand the suspense.

I need to come up with a moniker to use for her here. We could go with initials of her actual name: MC. I'm thinking that's a little too straightforward, though. We had all these great names we came up with during our long, comprehensive brainstorming processes, I should probably use one of those. Loopy? Spigot? Gator Spitoon? Irony? Meta? Or maybe we should just call her Creole.

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