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Language Log

Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2010 - 2:47 p.m.

in-laws went home today. guess I've been too exhausted to kvetch much. Apart from an early incident in which they were brainstorming for us how to rearrange our furniture (which always takes the form of them making a suggestion and our having to take a defensive position justifying why we should not change), it was fine. They held the baby while I slept and showered. They did laundry, and cooked a meal. A bit more useful than my mom, who also meant well but couldn't seemt o figure out how to work anything in our home (including the french press coffee maker) without extensive tutoring. Made her 'help' a lot less helpful. But it clearly meant a lot to her to be here, so. Once in a lifetime sort of event and all.

The biggest danger is that I would be lulled into a state of semi-consciousness by someone going on at length about acrylic nails, curtains, pediatric ambulance services, or ancient near Eastern history, and would have to sit there trying to keep my eyes open rather than slumping over into a sleepy puddle as I really wanted to do.

Gearing up for this trip, which looks like it will begin next week. 4 days each way. Should be interesting. Don't really want to move somewhere with scorpions, but that may not be a sufficient objection.

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