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Friday, Feb. 26, 2010 - 10:11 a.m.

A boring baby-related entry today. Be warned.

Did an informal weighing of Spigotbottom yesterday-- she's up to 12 lbs. Thus mostly in clothes for 3 months olds now, at 6 weeks. Crikey.

Been trying to read about how to get her to stay asleep once she gets there. Not much clear guidance. She doesn't have problems getting to sleep, just staying asleep once she gets there. I try putting her in the sling till she sleeps and transferring her to the crib, she wakes up and won't have any of it. We try putting her down when she's drowsy-- well, it worked one time last week, but not since. Of course, she's not supposed to sleep on her tummy, or with an adult, or in an adult bed. But honestly, I have dozed off with her asleep on my chest, and have managed to be very responsive to her movements without it disturbing me overmuch (part of the problem is that I'm a very light sleep and every little noise of hers wakes me up). I'm beginning to wonder if her sleeping next to me might do the trick. And not in that useless co-sleeper bassinet, either. Though the last time we tried it was a couple of weeks ago, maybe we should give it another try before I try anything drastic.

I'm very concerned about J's trip. I'll be at the in-laws', but as I've mentioned, they're not going to be able to stay up all night with her to let me sleep, the way J does. It'll be all me, up for 40 minutes and down for 20-60, for a week straight. And then in early April, he's got another trip-- not as long, but still. And then there's when my shows start back up...we both have to be ready for action early in the morning for those. I know, that's months from now, who knows how she'll be then? I said the same thing about her at 2 months, though, and look where we are. Almost there and no change, at least not in sleep habits.

She is smiling a lot more now, though, and has also started the whole suck-on-fingers-to-self-soothe thing, which makes it that much harder to figure out if she's actually hungry or not.

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